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Chocolate Appetite Rewards

Imagine earning rewards as you indulge in delectable chocolates! As a member, each bite becomes a delectable stepping stone towards unlocking delicious rewards.

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BITE, EARN, REPEAT! Embrace the Sweet Life!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary chocolate experience. Join Chocolate Appetite Rewards now and transform every chocolate moment into a delectable adventure. Let the chocolate-infused rewards unlock a world of indulgence for you!

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Become a member

Become a member and earn 50 bonus points.

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Earn Points

For every dollar spent is a point earned.



Redeem your points within our range of chocolates and offers.



Enjoy $5 off your next purchase of choice.


Buy 6 get 8 free - Category: Chocoteja Flavours


Buy 2 get 4 free - Category: Chocoteja Flavours


Buy 8 get 10 free - Category: Chocoteja Flavours


Buy 4 get 6 free - Category: Chocoteja Flavours


Get free shipping for your next order.

  • Will current members get rewards points?
    Yes. All current members of Chocolate Appetite we will receive 50 bonus points.
  • How many times can I use my rewards
    You can use your rewards as many times, as long as you have available
  • Do rewards points expire?
    Rewards point do not expire. Allowing you build up rewards points and keep on redeeming them as long as you're a member.
  • I made a purchase but I forgot to login and earn points. Can I still get my points?
    Members need to log in online to earn points. If you forgot, don’t worry you just need to email your proof of purchase to our Customer Service team within 2 weeks of purchase date and they will be able to look and provide further information.
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